The characteristics and application of various types of CNC cutting machines

From the comparison of cutting methods:

1.deformation, cutting precision is not high, and cutting speed is low, cutting preheating time, long perforation time, difficult to adapt The need for fully automated operation. Its application is mainly limited to carbon steel, large thickness sheet cutting, and will be replaced by plasma cutting on medium and thin carbon steel sheet cutting.

2. CNC plasma cutting machine, plasma cutting has wide cutting field, can cut all metal plates, cutting speed, high efficiency, cutting speed can reach more than 10m/min. Plasma cutting under water can eliminate the noise generated during cutting, dust, harmful gases and arc pollution, effectively improving the working environment. Fine plasma cutting has brought the cutting quality close to the laser cutting level. With the maturity of high-power plasma cutting technology, the cutting thickness has exceeded 150mm, which broadens the cutting range of CNC plasma cutting machines.

3.CNC laser cutting machine has the characteristics of fast cutting speed and high precision. The laser cutting machine is expensive and has high cutting cost. It is only suitable for occasions where thin plate cutting and high precision are required.

4. CNC high-pressure water jet cutting machine, suitable for cutting of any material (metal, non-metal, composite material), high cutting precision, no thermal deformation, environmentally friendly cutting method. Its disadvantages are slow cutting speed, low efficiency and high cutting cost.

 On the mechanical structure:

1. The gantry type CNC cutting machine is the double-chassis beam vertical structure of the traditional large and medium-sized machine tools. It has large span and longitudinal walking distance and is suitable for large-scale sheet metal processing.

2. Cantilever CNC cutting machine is also a traditional classical mechanical structure. The single base is connected to one end of the beam and the cutting gun moves laterally on the beam. This type of equipment is suitable for small and medium-sized sheet metal processing.

3.The portable cutting machine is developed from the semi-automatic trolley cutting machine. The CNC system and transmission are installed on the trolley cutting machine. The basic appearance is similar to the trolley semi-automatic cutting machine. These models are low in cost and light in structure. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized sheet metal processing.

4.The desktop cutting machine is developed from the engraving machine. The appearance is similar to the installation of a miniature gantry cutting machine on the workbench. This type of equipment has great advantages in the field of thin-plate cutting and is widely used in advertising and automobiles. Gold industry.

5. CNC intersecting wire cutting machine belongs to special cutting machine. Its special structure is specially used for cutting pipe and cylindrical profiles. At present, there are not many domestic manufacturers and the demand is not large.

6. Robot cutting machine is a new type of cutting machine developed abroad. Its cutting gun is mounted on a mechanical arm. It has multi-axis linkage with CNC system operation. It can process three-dimensional shaped workpieces and realize 3D cutting. This kind of equipment is complicated in technology. The cost is high, and domestic equipment is mainly imported.

Post time:Jun-03-2019

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